Tropicoso is the title track off the first full-length LP from LA-based Afro/Latin funk group Jungle Fire. They were formed by talented studio musicians as a one-time thing, but the reception was so good they decided to continue their awesome blend of sounds. Been listening to this LP a lot lately.

Save Music in Chinatown 6

My fellow Imprint-er Martin Wong and his wife Wendy Lau have done amazing work fundraising for their daughter’s school’s music education program by organizing a special series of concerts. I’ve been to most of them so far and they’ve all been awesome – family-friendly, matinee shows, with talented musicians. Save Music In Chinatown 6 features Dengue Fever and some cool psyche rock and noise punk bands – all the way from Beijing.



In case you missed it, LA-based artist James Jean is taking pre-orders on his next book, Xenograph. Of course, it looks amazing. Large format, cloth bound, and filled with tons of his work over the last 4-5 years. Check out James’ web store for more info on the various different editions.


Tools of Dissent

There’s a great new series of limited edition serigraph prints out from LA-based graffiti writer extraordinaire SABER. They were inspired by a line from an interesting Walt Whitman poem: “I Hear That It Is Charged Against Me That I Sought To Destroy Institutions.” Check the variations out in his online shop.

Pizza Lovers

Los Angeles-based artist Benjie Escobar debuts a new body of work dedicated to the exploration of everyone’s favorite food: the almighty pizza. Going down at Rose City Pizza, located in Rosemead, CA, where they will be serving custom pizza flavors for the duration of the exhibition. Come thru, have a slice, dudes!


The Gaslamp Killer Experience

About a decade ago, in another lifetime, I used to bump into LA-based DJ/producer GLK on the regular. He always had a crazy story and a new mixtape to share. In the years since, he’s overcome some huge hurdles and pushed his career forward to incredible heights. It’s impressive. Today his THE GASLAMP KILLER EXPERIENCE: Live in Los Angeles is available on iTunes – recorded in one take, live with amazing musicians. More info here.

Taco Madness Party

If you’re wondering what to do this Sunday, LA TACO have teamed up with Red Bull to create a party at Villain’s Tavern, complete with live art, DJs, and some of the city’s best taco trucks. Tickets are $10.