Jasper Wong x Microsoft

Super popular & well-respected art blog Supersonic Art have some incredible photos of the Jasper Wong mural in Long Beach, California from last year, created using the Microsoft Surface tablet. It was really fun to be on hand for this – another great addition to the LB public art landscape.


Speedy’s Liquor

Some well-known LA-based creative talents joined forces recently to launch Speedy’s Liquor, a new player in the super fun pin & patch accessory space. They showed at Agenda Long Beach last week and you can check them out online too. The brand is inspired by the neighborhood corner stores the brand’s founders visited during childhood growing up around LA.


LBC x Steve Caballero

I was hanging out at the Lil Bullies Club booth at Agenda yesterday when I was lucky enough to meet skateboarding legend Steve Caballero. They collaborated recently and the product came out just great. What an amazingly nice & talented guy – he did the artwork for the collab too. He was there to pick up some of these great new Cab Dragon patches from the LA-based brand. Stay tuned for the incredible-looking Cab Dragon lapel pins to drop too.


Ludwig X ReVisit: Case Shell Pants

Here are some great-looking new pants from LA’s own Ludwig Van & ReVisit. The new Case Shell pants are fabricated with vintage Vietnam-era US military cases known as “CASE, SLEEPING BAG M-1945.” Cut in a classic 5-Pocket denim style which bridges the gap between jeans and Chinos, with dead-stock US Army twill tape belt loops, ReVisit patch, and vintage shank buttons. The limited production run was made in Downtown Los Angeles.


Tinseltown’s Comeback

Happy New Year! 2015 was a lot of fun, here’s hoping 2016 is even better. Thanks for visiting. Here’s another article on Los Angeles’ recent cultural resurgence, this time via The Guardian. Good article, but if you’re on the ground here you don’t need anyone to tell you there is a lot of magic in the air lately.