Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London is a really cool project on Kickstarter, by London-based photographer Alex Bartsch, whereby he shoots reggae record covers in the locations featured on the cover. They make for some very cool photos! The Kickstarter project is to produce a book around Alex’s great photos.


East Side Story

East Side Story: a Celebration of East Los Angeles Through the Perspective of Gil Veni Vici opens at HVW8 Gallery in West Hollywood tomorrow evening. The exhibition celebrates East Los Angeles by tasking 14 artists to create the feel and culture of the neighborhood. Featuring Photographs by: Steven Arroyo, Alex Bortz, Jason Clifton, Faso, Patrick Hoelck, Niko the Ikon, Adri Law, Steve Olson, Estevan Oriol, Dan Regan, Rick Rodney, Patrick O’Brien Smith, Spanto, and Paulo Wallo.


Document the Fresh

My friend Gerald Watson launched a photography exhibition called Document The Fresh, and he’s recently followed-up with a Document The Fresh website/online community, which is dedicated to helping novice and established photographers gain exposure for their event and concert photography. If you’re interested in submitting work please visit their Community page for instructions.


T-Files 045: Nicole Reed

I’ve known Australian photographer Nicole Reed for a good few years now, mostly via her great work for Australian T-shirt journal, T-World. She’s easily one of the best photographers I know, and I have to thank Eddie Zammit, founder of “the world’s only T-shirt journal” (interviewed), for connecting us. He is a huge supporter of her work – Nicole accompanied him to the US several times to shoot portraits for the publication, shooting some of the biggest names in art, design, and streetwear in the process. We met on one of these visits and have kept in touch since. [Read More]