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As someone who spends quite a lot of time on LA’s many freeways, I’ve often thought to myself that the city’s striking overpasses and bridges are sort of like our answer to Roman aquaducts. Although they’re often seemingly almost purely utilitarian/functional in design, they also look quite amazing from the right angles. In this beautiful time-lapse video, Infrastructure: Los Angeles, photographer Hal Bergman has managed to capture a lot of that energy. Via Mashkulture.

Duckshots Slow Culture

desiree garcia, ducky, duckshots, photography, rick rodney, slow culture

The fam and I had a blast at the Slow Culture opening for LA-based photographer Rick Rodney last Friday. The gallery space build-out looked absolutely amazing and an impressive crowd turned up to celebrate his work and the inaugural opening at the new gallery in Highland Park. Desiree Garcia was there, with camera in hand, so you can get a good idea as to what the space looks like.

Bela Borsodi

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I swear I try not to just repost everything Jeff Hamada posts on Booooooom. It’s really the main struggle with this blog as I don’t put quite enough time into it to generate a ton of original content. Anyhow, check out these photos Jeff posted recently – they’re by photographer Bela Borsodi and they spell out letters, using household objects. Had to repost.

Imprint in Prints

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The Imprint Culture Lab website has a Photo Recap from our recent creative conference, which was held in the historic Edison Theatre in downtown Long Beach. The post was put together by our colleague Martin Wong, and it features great photography by Ben Clark who shot everything on the day of. If you’re down with the Zuckerberg, you can also head to the Imprint Facebook page to see the entire photo album from the event.

Brandon Shigeta

brandon shigeta, photo, art, photography, los angeles, architect, leed

Brandon Shigeta is a really talented guy from Los Angeles. He’s one of the best photographers I know, and he’s a LEED certified architect to boot. He contributes to Hypebeast regularly, which might help explain why he seems to have the coolest job of all time – guaranteed to be backstage at every event you could possibly hope to go to. Which is why if you’re not following Brandon on Instagram, you’re kind of missing out.