#NODAPL Victory

Biggest story of the week so far is that the Federal Government seem to have finally decided to do right by the Native American tribes whose fresh water was under threat from the planned Dakota Access Pipeline project. Looks like the protesters who spent weeks out in the cold for a good cause can go home for the winter knowing their hard work paid off.



A mockery was made of democracy last night. Didn’t see that one coming. Turns out, we’ve all been Trumped. Unfortunately, sexism, racism, and bigotry have won – this time round.


Watch Out: Living Proof #7

If you’re an artist looking for a little exposure, you could be featured in the new Watch Out section of Living Proof Magazine Issue #7. Sounds like they’re accepting submissions in all media, so if you’re a master of 3D animated interpretive toothpick puppet dance, now’s your chance.