Shop: Benjie Guest Glider tee

When respected San Francisco-based label Benny Gold collaborated with my friend (and talented artist) Benjie Escobar for one of their iconic Guest Glider tees, I had to get some for the shop. Plus, pizza! Features a cheesy, pepperoni-laced, “BG x Benjie” print at the front, and a larger pizza-style glider graphic across the back, along with “Hot & Ready,” and “Air Delivery 1-800-JERKS.” Woven glider logo label on the left sleeve.


Shop: Creative Roll

The Creative Roll is a dope little case from SF’s own Benny Gold, perfect for taking your markers, pens, pencils, and other creative tools on the go. The soft case unrolls to reveal 23 pen holders in several sizes, and a mesh zipper pocket too. Constructed with heavyweight canvas, it features leather trim details, and custom brass hardware too. Available now in the Typo Shop!


Shop: Stay Fresh

I’m very pleased to share that we’ve just added several great air freshener designs from LA’s own Stay Fresh to the web store. We’ve got a Cali-shaped one, one by artist Chaz Bojorquez, and the TSL Spray Can too. Check them out here.


Shop: Lost Art book

I’m very pleased to have the Lost Art book in stock in the shop. It’s a great source for vintage Los Angeles tattoo flash with an interesting story behind it, published by Incognito Tattoo. The flash art was discovered, unsigned, in a flea market in the early ’90s, and it wasn’t until recently that the work was attributed to Harry Lawson – a little known Los Angeles tattoo artist of the ’20s and ’30s.