My wife told me about this free educational app for learning a new language, Memrise, and I’m enjoying it tremendously so far. I’ve been trying to learn Korean, and have made some good progress. The app is based around flash-card memorization with audio queues. The native speaker pronunciation is great. It’s available for mobile phones and for your laptop, and perhaps more importantly, it’s fun.

Immigrant Song

Kind of a weird time to be an immigrant here in the US – the new president repeatedly described immigrants as unwanted criminals, and worse, during his campaign, and it seems to have resonated across the country. Kind of ironic as British and French settlers were unwanted immigrants in the eyes of the Native Americans, presumably. Furthermore, immigrants work hard, pay taxes, tend to commit less crimes, don’t get any representation, and they add a lot to the economy too. Here’s an interesting FastCompany article about some massive American companies, founded by immigrants.


Pigment Tokyo

On our first day here in Tokyo for POW! WOW! Japan, talented photographers Brandon Shigeta, Mark Kushimi, and I explored an incredible shop on Tennozu Isle called Pigment Tokyo – funny considering we are here to help paint the town. The visually stunning retail shop specializes in traditional Japanese and Asian brushes, inks, and paper. They also stock 4200 colors of custom pigment, arrayed in an amazing fashion, along one wall, creating a full spectrum of colors to choose from. The staff were exceedingly nice – happy to let us snap photos and ask questions about the lovely products. [Read More]

Document the Fresh

My friend Gerald Watson launched a photography exhibition called Document The Fresh, and he’s recently followed-up with a Document The Fresh website/online community, which is dedicated to helping novice and established photographers gain exposure for their event and concert photography. If you’re interested in submitting work please visit their Community page for instructions.