A Profound Partnership

Here’s a 10min video I recently helped produce for Imprint Venture Lab, which helps explain the IVL #FundYourDream effort...

HootSuite x Booooooom

jeff hamada, interview, hootsuite

The social media management platform/tool HootSuite have just interviewed the very talented and inspiring Jeff Hamada, of Booooooom fame. Check the interview on the HootSuite blog. Jeff knows how to genuinely engage a humongous audience and create a real online community far better than most.

In Blog We Trust

om malik, 10 simple rules of blogging, gigaom

I started this blog to compensate for the void left when I stopped writing for Digital Gravel. I was communicating with tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, for several years, and I missed it. So I started this blog to give myself a voice, and to curate more content – just for the fun of it. It has been something of a resume over the years, and the hours I’ve put into it have paid off in unexpected and mostly intangible ways. [Read More]


kickstarter, how to

Kickstarter, as you probably know, offers “crowd funding” for creative projects. As such, they’ve funded an impressive range of undertakings, including adventures in film, music, and publishing. The Pebble E-Paper Watch recently became the company’s most heavily backed project, securing over $10 million after failing to attract interest from other investors. Inspired Magazine have just published a short article on achieving Kickstarter success, as told by Dan Freschl, who has managed to crowd fund Bosavi; his lightweight headlamp design.


myp magazine my pages germany online

myp MAGAZINE is an interesting project by some gentlemen from Germany. It’s a free online magazine, with no advertising, whereby creative/artistic types can submit writing and pictures for their very own two page spread. Nice. The theme of the current issue is “My Start.” [Read More]