T-Files 050: Askew One

A few days back, I posted a video of a talk given by the accomplished artist Askew One, which, among many things, touches upon the differences between “Street Art,” and “Post Graffiti” in his opinion. So I’m thrilled to follow up on that today with a new interview with the talented NY-based New Zealander artist. Considering I’ve been working to help facilitate large scale public murals for the last few years, I’m extremely interested in his thoughts on the complexities of the scene, whether or not it’s called “Street Art, where graffiti fits in, and so on. I hope you enjoy reading Askew’s thoughts on this space as much as I did! [Read More]

T-Files 049: Never Made

I’m happy to present the latest T-Files interview with accomplished Angeleno artist Francisco Reyes Jr., a/k/a Never Made. Francisco is an accomplished artist/illustrator, and he also works at Studio Number One, alongside talent like Shepard Fairey and, formerly, Cleon Peterson. With Never Made, Francisco presents his creative vision across a wide range of items, including lapel pins, T-Shirts, sculptures, and limited edition screen prints. He has also worked with brands like REBEL8, Hurley, Primitive Skateboards, Epitaph, Hellcat Records and Urban Outfitters. Big thanks to our mutual friend Eddie Zammit, Melbourne’s own tee game Godfather, for connecting us earlier in the year. I’ve really enjoyed following Francisco’s art and design work, and was eager to learn more. [Read More]

T-Files 048: MEGGS

I’m very pleased to present the latest T-Files interview with accomplished LA-based Australian artist MEGGS. He hails from Melbourne’s acclaimed Everfresh crew, along with talent like Reka, Rone, Wonderlust, and Prizm – some of the biggest names in Australian graffiti and street art. My friend Eddie Zammit schooled me on them, years ago. Having been lucky enough to meet Rone (interviewed) during POW! WOW! Hawaii 2013, I definitely tried to keep up with what they were doing in Melbourne. I remember when MEGGS relocated to the City of Angels – adding his unique street art to the cityscape, while pulling off an impressive fine art solo exhibition at Thinkspace. [Read More]

T-Files 047: Adnate

I’m very happy to present this new interview with Adnate – one of the most interesting and talented artists coming out of Australia right now, in my opinion anyway. The self-taught post-graffiti creative is possibly best-known for his giant, photo-realistic aerosol murals depicting members of Australia’s indigenous Aboriginal community. As such, his work seems to be heavily inspired by Renaissance painters and equally informed by modern-day politics and social awareness. And furthermore, it all looks amazing. [Read More]

T-Files 046: Mark Dean Veca

I was lucky enough to meet & interview accomplished LA-based artist Mark Dean Veca for The Hundreds magazine Vol 02, circa 2010. It was right before a big solo exhibition of his at Western Project in Culver City, and he was also about to release a capsule collection with The Hundreds, reinterpreting their logo mascot in his signature psychedelic swirling crosshatches. I was thrilled to see that Mark would be at POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015, and reached out to get back in touch beforehand. [Read More]

T-Files 045: Nicole Reed

I’ve known Australian photographer Nicole Reed for a good few years now, mostly via her great work for Australian T-shirt journal, T-World. She’s easily one of the best photographers I know, and I have to thank Eddie Zammit, founder of “the world’s only T-shirt journal” (interviewed), for connecting us. He is a huge supporter of her work – Nicole accompanied him to the US several times to shoot portraits for the publication, shooting some of the biggest names in art, design, and streetwear in the process. We met on one of these visits and have kept in touch since. [Read More]

T-Files 044: Friends of Type

Friends of Type is an incredibly visually-arresting website dedicated to “original typographic design and lettering,” maintained and operated by four creatively gifted friends: Aaron Carámbula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong, and Jason Wong. Together, they create and post a majority of the featured work, along with some occasional guest contributors. What started out as a bit of a joke between friends has become one of the best outlets for creative lettering around. [Read More]

T-Files 043: Scott Albrecht

I’ve been in touch with Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht for about five years or so now. Connecting with talented artists has been the best part about running this website, and Scotty’s work is really appealing to me – an arresting combination of intricate woodwork, original typography, collages, eye-catching geometric patterns, and ink on paper. In the same timeframe, he’s participated in countless solo and group exhibitions around the country and overseas, some of which I’ve been able to preview and recap here. [Read More]

T-Files 042: Reef Kills Pop

You can barely get around Downtown LA these days without seeing something new from Reef Kills Pop brightening up a wall with his signature sarcastic charm. Reef is a prolific Los Angeles-based artist who has overcome some incredible challenges and hardship to get to the place where he is today – taking the city by storm with an impressive array of colorful work. I’ve been lucky enough to check out some of his original canvases in person too. He’s definitely an interesting character and I’m stoked that you’ll get the chance to learn a bit more about him here. [Read More]

T-Files 041: RONE

I’m going to credit my Melbournian buddy Eddie Zammit of T-World with putting me onto the artistic prowess of that city’s famous Everfresh crew. I think it’s safe to say you could hardly be into Australian street art without having heard of the talented team which includes members Sync, Phibs, Reka, Rone, Wanderlust, Prizm, Meggs, Makatron, and The Tooth. It was great seeing some of them working in person during Pow! Wow! 2013, just over a year back. In line with all reports, the guys were killing the mural game with undeniable style. [Read More]