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I’ve posted a little bit of ROA’s work here in LA before. Here’s a nice feature of ROA’s latest work in Perth, Western Australia, over on Wooster Collective. Even though I’ve never actually lived in “the most remote city on Earth,” it’s sort of my hometown in a funny way. It’s a beautiful place. Here are some more West Australia photos from a trip there last year. EDIT: My mother very kindly pointed out that 2/3 of those photos are definitely in Sydney. Here’s a real photo of ROA in West Australia.

Jewel City

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Wandering artist Above has struck again. This time, he’s painted a political message on the exterior wall of the Jewel City diamond trading center in Johannesburg, South Africa. Check the full story behind this latest work on the Vimeo page.


Two weeks back, I made a road trip to SF. It was my first time back there in about 16 years. It was great. Can’t wait to go back. Here are some photos I shared via Instagram. [Read More]


Hope you’re having a great weekend. I haven’t spent any time at the computer lately, and therefore haven’t found...