TSOTW: New Millenium

This week’s T-Shirt of the Week is this mashup of Star Wars spacecraft design and Aztec technology – a top-down view of the Millenium Falcon, with aspects of the Aztec calendar woven into it. It’s by Bootleg, and is available at Hutch LA.


TSOTW: Duppy Conqueror

Please pardon the shameless side project pluggery. This week’s T-Shirt of the Week is the first long sleeve T-Shirt we’ve ever produced for Selector! It features an ’80s blockbuster-inspired Duppy Conqueror graphic down each sleeve. Available in the online shop.


TSOTW: Third Eye

This week’s T-shirt of the week is definitely this beauty from my friends at San Diego-based sunglasses powerhouse Knockaround. I love the small graphic at the front left but it’s the back where this shirt really shines – “Look at the bright side.”