The Greatest mural

Check out this short video from Toyota USA about the recent CRYPTIK mural for the Special Olympics right here in LA. Gives you a small sense of why CRYPTIK is in fact, “the greatest” when it comes to doing beautiful/meaningful murals and also at being an excellent human.

Type Nite NYC

If you’re interested in type and you’re lucky enough to be in or around NYC this week, check out this Type Nite NYC event at Strand Books on Thursday evening. The all-star line-up includes accomplished typeface designer Tobias Frere-Jones, book designer Peter Mendelsund, and Pentagram partner Abbott Miller. The talk will be moderated by Ellen Lupton, co-author of Graphic Design: The New Basics, 2nd Edition and many other great design titles, several of which I’ve reviewed here. If you’re not in NYC you can still order a signed copy of the latest edition of Graphic Design: The New Basics. Hit the link for more details.

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Best / Worst

Here’s an interesting Bloomberg article about email sign-off etiquette, recently tweeted by Imprint speaker/design guru John Maeda. As a repeat offender of this mistake, I found it interesting. It’s all irrelevant if you’re one of those “email is dead!” types, anyway.


Type Faces

Check out the great Type Faces series of recent work by artist Sam Rodriguez (interviewed). The ongoing series consists...

“Velo” Le Film

Not sure what’s gotten into the water supply over in Yorklyn, Delaware! Check out this very funny, very French trailer about the new House Industries Velo font, avec cyclist Dan Chabanov. Directeur: Erích Weiss. Directeur de la photographie: Roman Arriola. Directeur de la création: Andy Cruz.