Type Faces

Check out the great Type Faces series of recent work by artist Sam Rodriguez (interviewed). The ongoing series consists...

“Velo” Le Film

Not sure what’s gotten into the water supply over in Yorklyn, Delaware! Check out this very funny, very French trailer about the new House Industries Velo font, avec cyclist Dan Chabanov. Directeur: Erích Weiss. Directeur de la photographie: Roman Arriola. Directeur de la création: Andy Cruz.

T-Files 044: Friends of Type

Friends of Type is an incredibly visually-arresting website dedicated to “original typographic design and lettering,” maintained and operated by four creatively gifted friends: Aaron Carámbula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong, and Jason Wong. Together, they create and post a majority of the featured work, along with some occasional guest contributors. What started out as a bit of a joke between friends has become one of the best outlets for creative lettering around. [Read More]