Chicken Strut

UK-based graphic designer Siâron Huges recently contacted me about her new book out from Mark Batty Publisher, and even though I’m vegetarian, and the book is all about chicken, it’s completely up my alley. Siâron has hit the streets of London in an effort to document the visual side of modern day fried chicken culture, and it’s just great. Aptly titled “Chicken: Low Art, High Calorie,” it includes storefronts, all sorts of signage, comments from restaurant workers, and even an interview with “Mr. Chicken,” the man responsible for much of London’s fried chicken signage. This is the sort of book people will be fighting over 50 years from now, when food only comes in small green cubes, or capsule form, and no one remembers what chickens or restaurants looked like. Anyway, enough of my babbling, prepare to immerse yourself in a vat of well-used frying oil:

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