Complex’s “The 100 Best T-Shirts of the 2000’s”

Complex have dropped their “The 100 Best T-Shirts of the 2000’s” countdown. It’s great to see Staple on there twice, and The Hundreds California Culture shirt is on there (what about the paisley tee?), not to mention tees from the likes of Parra/Rockwell, No Mas, Nossa and Rockers NYC. Someone at Complex apparently remembers Mato too. Here are a few brands I think it would have been cool to see: Mishka, Mike Giant/REBEL8, Foreign Family, 2k (the ampersand tees were huge, and spawned a veritable cottage industry of reinterpretations), Obey (the Obama tees were huge and also sparked a bootleg phenomenon), Milkcrate, Turntablelab, Subfreakie…I’m sure I’m forgetting some great brands. Who else should be on the list?

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2 comments on “Complex’s “The 100 Best T-Shirts of the 2000’s”
  1. what about the classics from Manifest?? the C.R.E.A.M. tee, the Wu Members, the Biz etc etc?? that list seemed a little too new york for me. what about all the other great brands not in new york or l.a.?

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