Creative Pep Talk

Brand new from Chronicle Books, Creative Pep Talk: Inspiration from 50 Artists by Andy J. Miller, is the beautifully-designed and more efficient hardcover equivalent of binge-watching a million TED talks for creative inspiration and motivation. The new title features illustrated words of wisdom from 50 industry-leading creative professionals, including full-color, typographic prints and helpful information from epic creative powerhouses like Aaron James Draplin, Erik Marinovich, Lisa Congdon, Mike Perry, and more. The book encourages artists to be enthusiastic, curious, exploratory, and bold. It boasts an abundance of visually-appealing motivational maxims from these accomplished experts, which makes it perfect for students, designers, artists; any and all creatives, really. Inspiring creative ideas, illustrated beautifully; in short.

Daniel Fishel

Erik Marinovich

Jen Mussari

Lisa Congdon

Sarah Walsh

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