Darcel Doesn’t Disappoint

These illustrations of NYC neighborhoods, according to the prevailing T-shirt/top style, have been cracking me up. Rinzen collective member Craig Redman has been posting them up on his Darcel Disappoints blog for the last few days. I was keeping my fingers crossed that he’d eventually do the Jersey Shore and yesterday he did (I was thinking it’d be a muscle tee, but nope, it’s a tank top, which is probably more accurate anyway). The man’s a genius. Let’s go in the order he posted them. First up is Williamsburg (if you’re an Angeleno, think Silver Lake or Echo Park):

Next, Chinatown, home of the Milton Glaser “I Heart NY” bootleg:

Now I’m missing Canal Street terribly, all of a sudden. Next up, it’s Brooklyn’s own Park Slope, which I used to live on the edge of:

Then Chelsea, with the crop top:

Then he visits the Upper East Side, with its abundance of lavender Polo shirts:

And the latest one so far, is Joisey. The Jersey Shore to be specific. One of the country’s most talked-about neighborhoods, thanks to MTV.

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