Definitely believe the Hype

Most people I know are really, really into Pandora when it comes to finding new music and streaming music online. I dunno why, but it hasn’t really clicked with me yet. Maybe I’m just a stubborn pseudo rebel (I still don’t have a Myspace page, and I’ve never watched Titanic) or maybe I like to pretend I discovered the music myself – as opposed to having a complex mathematical algorithm do the discovering for me. Whatever the case, I prefer to subscribe to music blogs in my RSS reader and find new music that way. But why bother when The Hype Machine has done all the hard work for you? The site aggregates hundreds of music blogs and creates a constantly updated list of new music on the front page, and you can type in the name of an artist or song you’re looking for and turn up lots of results that way too. You can hit play on most songs to start streaming through the available songs on the page, and you can even follow the links to the individual music blogs in order to download appreciate them that way as well. And one thing it has lots of, which I don’t believe you’ll find on Pandora, is unofficial remixes, definitely something I dig.

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  1. you should also get down with
    it’s another aggregator like hype machine. I tend to check both if i’m looking for something in particular, because they don’t aggregate all the same sites.

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