Black Fox

This is really cool. Not to be confused with the Department of Water and Power (isn’t that centralizing far too much responsibility under one utility anyway?) this particular DWP is The Desktop Wallpaper Project, presented by Kitsune Noir, an art, fashion, & design blog. The black fox has posted up amazing artist wallpaper designs for your desktop background offered in a range of sizes and resolutions, for your computer, iPhone, or PSP. Some of the designs are absolutely incredible, but that’s not terribly surprising when you consider the contributing artists include the likes of Tim Biskup, Adrian Fleet, Craig Redman of Rinzen fame, Nathan Fox, Emil Kozak, Travis Millard,  Noah Butkus, Gama-Go, Dan Funderburgh, and UPSO. There are so many amazing ones, I can’t decide which to try out first. It may be easier to buy more computers instead. Via grain edit.

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