Eine kliene nacht bauchfreies

Possibly because I have little to no artistic merit of my own, different ways an established artist can successfully translate their particular trademark aesthetic onto a T-shirt has fascinated me for some time. Which is why this new tee by UK graf/street art heavyweight EINE caught my attention.

This design very nicely references the huge words he painted in giant letters, on shuttered shopfronts, throughout London. From what I’ve read, he dominated the city’s graf scene while holding down a high-paying investment job, ditched the job, and then left the graffiti lifestyle behind and moved on to doing street art on his own terms. Check his interview in the latest issue of Juxtapoz (#95), and I think you’ll agree, he’s got quite a few interesting things to say too. He makes the interesting point that graffiti is for graffiti artists, whereas street art is for the public. Oh, and his website is decorated with Care Bears. His new FIFTY24SF tee will be available on DG very soon too.

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