Enjoy Choke

LUDWIG have a special new tee collaboration coming out in conjunction with Japanese Shooto/MMA brand Inspirit. The graphic is actually a reprint of the first very first T-shirt produced by LUDWIG in October, 2007, for Creative Director Mike Dytri’s circle of friends, training partners, and fighters that he trained with at the rAw gym, and the concept for this t-shirt was born out of getting choked out by the great Gene Lebell.  According to Mike, “Gene was a guest at the first PSL event and was taking photos with fans. He gives you a patch which says, “When in doubt, choke’em out,” if you let him choke you out…so of course I wanted one…much to the horror of my fiancé, mind you, but in the end I came away with a nice patch, a cool photo of Gene and I, and a great idea for a t-shirt!”

Ludwig have teamed up with Inspirit to produce a limited run of these great tees, and they will be available thru the LUDWIG online shop and some select shops in Japan. The graphic features Beethoven doing a rear naked choke (or a figure four) as well as the LUDWIG and Inspirit logos.  Coming soon!

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