Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Liverpool meets Staten Island on this new mash-up album by Brighton, UK native Tom Caruana. It has hit the blogs recently, with some mixed reviews. That said, according to his site, he’s had over 24,000 downloads, which is impressive. It even made it on to Kanye’s blog. Of course I had to download it and check it out, and I quite like most of it. Then again, I’m a huge Beatles fan and I don’t mind me some Wu-Tang either. If you don’t like one or the other (or both for that matter) then don’t expect to enjoy this. I’m definitely partial to Beatles mash-ups – I think Dangermouse’s Grey Album (with beats comprised of samples from the “White Album”) is the best Jay-Z album ever, even if Jay-Z pretty much had nothing to do with it. I don’t think Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers is quite on par with that, but it’s still fun. The cover is pretty cool too. Download it here.

EDIT: In the year since I first posted about this, it has more than stood up to repeat plays and some very heavy rotation. Everyone I’ve played it for loves it too. Now I feel bad for saying it wasn’t as good as the Grey Album…because it just might be better. Oh yeah, and the download link doesn’t work anymore. If you know someone who has this, steal it.


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