FF x Javier Rodriguez

Here’s another incredible graphic from Foreign Family’s “Artist Series” of T-shirts. This one’s by Javier Rodriguez, a very talented tattoo artist who works at LTW in Barcelona. The shirt should be available in the FF web store.

Chad from FF has a tat by Javi, and it’s one of the nicest I’ve seen in ages. Here’s some more of his handiwork, which MR44 happened to have on hand:

And this is a graphic for LTW, I’m not sure which artist did it, all the tattoo artists at LTW seemed incredibly talented. I hope to make it back there one day…and it’s just one of many reasons why I can’t wait to get back to Barcelona. One of the best cities on Earth, if you ask me…

If you are close to LA, you don’t wanna miss this tomorrow:

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