Lovers Melt 2 Mixed by Flying Lotus

It’s more or less completely redundant to repost this one, but I suppose there’s always the possibility that you missed it on High Snobiety and Stones Throw and 2dopeboyz and Passion of the Weiss and LA Taco. Anyway, here it is again. Lovers Melt 2 Mixed by Flying Lotus. All he had to say about it was that these are some of his fave songs, some we’ve heard, some we haven’t. It’s over two hours long, and the first half is pretty straightforward light, breezy, summer-y soul and rare groove; the kind of stuff hip-hop DJs listen to on Sunday afternoon (in my imagination, anyway). Stuff with revered hip-hop samples buried in it. Then it goes on a sort of world music psyche funk folk jazz journey. You can get it from one of those links up top, or just about anywhere else on the internets, as far as I can tell. EDIT: The file those sites all linked to was removed, so here’s a new link.

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