Free Jonas Lara

Photo District News has posted a disturbing story about LA-based photographer Jonas Lara who was recently arrested while photographing two graffiti writers at work. Apparently it was part of a long-term project he is working on with various visual artists. The three were spotted by an LAPD helicopter, he was locked up, had his camera and equipment confiscated, and was charged with felony vandalism. In the weeks since his wife bailed him out, the charges have been downgraded to a misdemeanor (for damaging a fence), and then switched to aiding and abetting (the prosecution now claim he was acting as a lookout for the graf writers). In a country with 2.3 million people behind bars and something like 1000 new inmates added to the system each day, you’d hope someone would have the good sense to know when to draw the line, but apparently not. If you are willing and able you can donate to Lara’s legal defense fund. Via Arrested Motion.

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