How to Write Good by George Orwell

Can someone explain the internet’s fascination with top ten lists? Just about every fashion and music blog I can think of has posted top ten lists for last year. At first it was interesting, but honestly it’s getting quite redundant now. I was going to post links to a few good top ten lists but I’ve had a change of heart and am totally over it. So instead, I’m going to give you a list of writing rules by the great George Orwell. Depending who you believe, the legendary author left us with either 5, 6, or 12 writing rules. It’s actually 6 critical questions and 6 rules, if you ask me. I’ve been trying to to keep them in mind when writing lately. On a semi-related note, did anyone notice that Shepard Fairey designed the covers for the latest Penguin Books UK editions of both 1984 and Animal Farm? Obey made a matching poster print set, but sadly, they’re all sold out.

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