Hurry Curry

One of the benefits of freelancing from home is the huge increase in lunch options I’ve got now. I eat at home a lot, but it’s nice to get out too. I think a good weekday lunch should be quick, cheap, and tasty. Thanks to Ra’ad, I’d heard of Hurry Curry before I even moved to LA. I’d also read some bad reviews about it online though. Yesterday I threw caution to the wind and gave them a shot for lunch. 

They’re at 12825 Venice Blvd, at the corner of Beethoven.

What’s up MR44? $7.50 gets you two curries, rice, and garlic nan.

Mmm…garlic nan. Slightly well done, but delicious nonetheless. All in all, I’d give Hurry Curry a decent score, but I think you get much more bang for your buck at India Sweets & Spice further east on Venice, and Samosa House on Washington Blvd is better than both, as long as we’re talking about Indian buffets in Culver City…

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