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I started this blog to compensate for the void left when I stopped writing for Digital Gravel. I was communicating with tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, for several years, and I missed it. So I started this blog to give myself a voice, and to curate more content – just for the fun of it. It has been something of a resume over the years, and the hours I’ve put into it have paid off in unexpected and mostly intangible ways. Through my work for Imprint this year, I’ve increasingly become interested in tech blogs. It’s one realm where an informed opinion can really help decide which platforms to engage, which apps to download, and so on. Om Malik, one time Senior Editor at Forbes, and founder of GigaOM, a hugely influential tech blog, is very big on blogging, with over 11K posts since 2001. He shared his “10 Simple Rules of Blogging” in 2011. I’m kind of amazed at the similarities between his list and my own half-formed ideas on blogging, even though I’m coming from an entirely different set of interests. #4 and #8 are thoroughly crucial as far as I’m concerned.

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