LA-based artist Hannah Stouffer (interviewed) is co-curating and co-hosting an art event in Miami this week for Art Basel for her H+ Creative agency, alongside Sarah Potter of Philly’s SP Projects. IRIDESCENCE is an exhibition featuring 15 internationally recognized contemporary artists working in the “New Futurism” genre. The roster includes Esther Ruiz, Justin Lovato, Anny Wang, Adam Friedman, Lala Abaddon, Francesco Locastro, Anne Vieux, Gustavo Torres (KidMoGraph), Vince Mckelvie, Ultramajic, Clara Luzian (Render_Fruit) Giacomo Carmagnola, David M Cook (Bonethrower), Jose Di Gregorio, Jonny Alexander, Hilary White, and John Foster. Check out artwork by some of the contributors below. [Read More]

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