Junk in the Trunk

Here’s some new music some from old friends in BK. Here’s what they said about it: Junk Science & Scott Thorough made a record together. It’s called “Phoenix Down” and it’ll be out on May 31st, 2011 on Modern Shark. The beats for “Phoenix Down” were made by Snafu & Scott Thorough using all original music created with 8-bit synthesizers (the same tools available to the people who composed music for OG Nintendo games). They layered those sounds with big beats and gave them to Baje who rapped on them and here we are. “Pixelated” is the first “single.” There will be a video for this song coming very very soon, like within a week or two soon. These guys keep getting better and better with age, like fine wines. You can download “Pixelated” for free at Modern Shark. Go for it.


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