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These posters just went up here in Venice, and it just goes to show that someone somewhere involved in marketing for Vaustralia (Virgin’s Australian brand) knows what they’re doing. I noticed the distinctive artwork of New Zealander-in-Australia Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O’Doherty), before I noticed that nice, low roundtrip airfare. While he isn’t a household name here in the States yet, Reg Mombassa is well known as an artist whose work is featured on Australian clothing brand Mambo, along with artists like Maria Kozic, Paul McNeil, Beci Orpin, Josh Petherick, Robert Williams, Trevor Jackson and Rockin’ Jelly Bean. I remember Mambo really well from my childhood in Sydney, they were already huge then. The brand was founded in 1984, and now they do 12 million AUD in sales a year, according to Wikipedia. Mambo is known for fun, colorful, and unrelentingly in-your-face designs, and they’re also known for their equally bright board shorts. The reason they’re not as well known in the US as elsewhere, is that their expansion outside of Australia has all been focused in New Zealand, Europe and Asia. 

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  1. SO true! I was scrolling down to see how many new posts there were for the day and instantly scrolled back up to the article. Reg is incredible. I must have a million MAMBO t-shirts!

  2. wow, i didn’t know anyone outside of Australia knew about Mambo. It’s one of those real quintessential Australian brands. I don’t think ppl here have truly embraced Reg’s work again yet, as it’s got a real Australia in the 90s vibe that I think we all have a bit of cultural-cringe over still. We’ll get there. Ken Done has made a real ressurgence here, who was a huge designer/artist in the 80s. I love his shit!

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