Lego has been around for 60 years and isn’t showing any signs of losing popularity these days. Quite the opposite, Benjie and I have been discussing the recent boom in Lego-related and Lego-inspired projects lately. Don’t believe me? Check these out. (To be fair, 80% of these links come from the same three sites). There’s the blippy 8-bit Lego Synthesizer, the rather large Lego Boardroom Table, the Lego Robotic Arm, the slightly scary Futura x Lego Assualt Rifle, the impressive Lego Crawler Town, the charming I Lego NY stop motion animation, the creative Legomen Project (by a 7 year old and a 5 year old), the Star Wars Lego Soccer Table, and some Lego-like fridge magnets for good measure. Oh, and there’s also the girl who can identify 80 Lego mini figures with her mouth. Weird.

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