Mad Decent

I’ve been meaning to blog about Mad Decent for a while now. I’m fan of DJ/producer Diplo, and pretty much everything that comes out of the Mad Decent camp, including the stuff by my homies South Rakkas Crew. I think Diplo’s Top Ranking mixtape for Santogold’s album last year, was one of the best mixtapes of the year, personally. And as any good dancehall fan knows, the best way to show your approval for just about anything, is to whip out a fog horn and let sound. So with that in mind, Mad Decent have developed the ultimate iPhone app, which allows you to access a plethora of dancehall-approved sound effects at any time, including: the trusty foghorn, an oh-so-necessary laser gun, the wild call of an elephant, a guy making motorbike noises like “Brm, Brrm, Brm, Brrm” followed by “Kill Dem,” the classic and reliable air raid siren (so people know the bomb is about to drop), gunshots from the Mad Decent/Mishka/Turntable Lab tec-nine water pistol, and don’t ask me how they got that diplodocus roar for the last one. If all this appeals to you as much as it appeals to me, you can get it for free, here.


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