Madness and Artistry Go Hand in Hand

Thumbing through an old issue of Complex, I just read the line, “Weirdness is the cousin of genius. Madness and artistry go hand in hand.” So with that in mind, here’s some Madness – a fine example of a British post-punk 2nd wave ska group, who I’ve been a fan of since I can remember. I think they’re reforming again, but anyway, whatever you want to say about Madness, they look like they were having a lot of fun in all their music videos. I remember watching these when I was quite young, probably a few years after they were released. It’s great to see the saxophone play such a prominent role. Just about every Madness song has a sick sax solo. In “Baggy Trousers” the sax player flies through the air, and in “It Must Be Love” he’s underwater with the guitarist. Have you noticed that saxophones almost don’t exist in today’s music? You wanna know why? Kenny G. He killed the saxophone. Granted, he played soprano sax, but the damage was done. He maliciously extracted all the cool from it. He’s like the Jabba the Hut of music or something. Evidently, it’s going to take years for the sax to recover from that.


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