Magic Disappearing Trick

On Wednesday morning I met up with MR44 for a coffee, and then we set out to hit up some of the various trade shows.

The strategy for the day was to try and cover a lot of ground, and we did. We managed to get a good look around at MAGIC, Pool, and Project, and we even made it to the Guild trade show in the Palms, which was really nice. Since we walked the shows together, we took almost identical photos, except mine suck, so head over to MR44’s blog if you’re interested in seeing some of the industry types lurking about at these events. As always, it was great to bump into lots of the industry vets and say hello. I think everyone unanimously agrees that the MAGIC is shrinking before our eyes, even though they did a good job of trying to squeeze everything (and I do mean everything) into the Main Hall so it would feel busy and vibrant. It was day two and didn’t seem super packed when we were there, but maybe lots of people were at Project.

Next we checked out the Pool show where we stopped at GrnAppleTree and Imaginary Foundation before heading over to Project. It turned out that everyone was in fact, at Project after all. It was Project’s opening day, so it was understandably packed with buyers and exhibitors, and whoever else shows up at these things. We watched 3sixteen present their collection to a sea of buyers.

Last but not least we hit up the Guild show which was on the top two floors of the Palms Place tower.  It was a very relaxing environment after all that walking and hustle and bustle. Nice rooms, nice decor, nice furniture, generous selections of food and drink to choose from, and amazing views of the entire Vegas strip. There are worse ways to do business than that. We went to visit the Ludwig crew, and lo and behold, Trevor from Double Down is showing right next to them. Double Down kick-started the whole NYC subway letter T-shirt craze years ago when Staple, 10Deep, and Milkcrate were just fledgling brands. At the time I was working for jeffstaple, and Trevor used to visit the office every now and then. It was cool seeing him again after many years. This is the view from the 35th floor “hospitality suite” at the Guild show.

After that, it was time for a meeting with Nick from FreshIn, an online retailer based in Sydney. Nick was really cool and didn’t seem to mind us interrogating him about the Australian side of things too much anyway. Shout out to all the smediums out there…

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  1. ooh i know nick. Well through email. He was gonna take some of our mags over to the shows but we couldn’t get our shit together in time. Small world man!

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