MAGIC tricks

Hola! Pardon my lack of blog-postery yesterday, as I spent the vast majority of the day trying to drive from LA to Las Vegas for the MAGIC, Pool, Project and other peripheral trade shows. I really enjoy getting out in the country and driving, and it was all going amazingly well until just 80 miles outside of Vegas. A tractor-trailer semi-truck thing exploded, in a very dramatic manner, all across the freeway about a mile or two ahead of me. Traffic came to a standstill and everyone got out and stretched their legs – making for a slightly surreal scene on the freeway. Anyway, eventually I made it and it’s not half bad to be back in Vegas again.

Driving into some fun new weather patterns…

Racing a heavily bombed freight train. It was like a mile long.

Snapped outside a desolate abandoned gas station somewhere between Barstow and Vegas…

Made it! Too late to hit up the first day of MAGIC unfortunately, but that’s life.


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