Many Rivers to Cross…

Today I visited DG HQ out in the City of Commerce, and when I was done, I took the local streets back through East LA, instead of hopping on the freeway and hightailing it back to the West side. East Los Angeles has a lot of soul, a vibrant feel, and tons of great murals, which I keep meaning to document. One day. Today, I stopped to shoot the massive MTA piece on the sloped walls of the LA River. This piece is humongous, and said to be the biggest piece in the world. According to the LA Times, the Army Corp of Engineers estimated it’ll cost 3.7 million to remove it, which seems a lot. I’d do it myself, for less than half that. I’m really glad I got to shoot it while it was still running though. It’s about three blocks long. Let’s start with what you see as you walk up the 4th st bridge:

Getting warmer:

The main event:

Metro Transit Assassins…Must Take All…Melting Toys Away…you get the idea!

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