Mighty Mike D

Nima sent me the link to this really good video feature he put together on Mike Dytri, the founder/creative director of LUDWIG. I think it was certainly the case with Subfreakie, and it’s still true today, that Mike always seems to be at the cutting edge of what is happening in the clothing game. Years ago, Subfreakie was one of the first brands to bring back bright colors with lavender and minty green shirts, well before that became the norm – I still remember being quite surprised at the time. And now, while the outlandish & overstated “streetwear” market slowly collapses into a supernova of fit-inducing prints and patterns, Ludwig have been steadily producing their own more sophisticated brand of “premium casual” gear. The video covers his work from Subfreakie, up until launching Ludwig, and on to his design philosophy. 

And here’s the link to a short interview I did with Mike in December.

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