My Other Skull is a Hirst

In my ongoing attempts to be a halfway respectable blogger (if that is even possible), I visited both of the events I posted on for today: the Twelve Bar yard sale, and the Kelly D. Williams exhibit opening party at the new DDR Projects location in Long Beach. I picked up a very nice premium cut & sew fleece crewneck for less than the price of a t-shirt at the yard sale. Woohoo. Always nice to catch up with Nick & crew. Later on, I headed down to LBC with my daughter, and took a few photos of Kelly’s latest artwork at DDR. I’m not going to post up all the new pieces because a) I’m not a particularly good photographer, and b) you really ought to head down there and check this out yourself (assuming you live in SoCal). DDR has an excellent selection of vinyl toys available too. I got to flip through the only sample of Kelly’s new book and I must say it looks incredible. 

DDR Projects is at: 3403 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA, 90803.

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