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Aqui No Mas

The talented homie LA-based artist Benjie Escobar is taking his art to Texas for the first time, with his new exhibition Aqui No Mas opening at Presa House Gallery at 7pm this Saturday. He’s set to unveil a new body his trademark black & white “lowbrow” work; all ink on paper. The theme of Benjie’s latest work focuses on repurposing, reimagining, and updating iconic Chicano & Latino characters in new ways, and his own unique typography; inspired by low rider art and tattoos. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Flash Sheet print which will be available in the gallery. Presa House will also exhibit new work by artists Sabrina Alfaro and Gilbert Martine.


I’ve been enjoying the new German Netflix Original series, Dark, which is dark, creepy, and also quite eerie in places. It’s a supernatural thriller, and at the risk of making some rather lazy comparisons, it has a lot in common with other shows I like, including Lost, and Stranger Things. The similarities are quite remarkable in some places, but I don’t want to spoil anything. I found the English voiceover distracting, so I recommend watching it in its native German, with subtitles.

Quiet Please Pop-Up

ACE/121 Gallery in Glendale are opening a new group exhibition today, featuring a line-up of 30 great artists, including the likes of Eyeone and Andrew Hem. The exhibition is curated by Glendale-based artist Leo Eguiarte. Opening is this evening 7 – 10pm. ACE/121 Gallery hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10 AM – 3 PM or by appointment.

Soom Soom

The homies took me to lunch at the dope new Corporation Food Hall (no relation) in DTLA yesterday. We ate at Soom Soom, and it was super bomb. Normally you have to trek out to West LA for decent middle eastern food. If you’re a falafel afficionado you’re def gonna wanna give this spot a try.

America is for Dreamers

This evening artist Patrick Martinez opens his first solo museum exhibition in his home of Los Angeles. The opening is at 7pm at the Vincent Price Art Museum in East LA. I’m a huge fan of Patrick’s work – I think he’s one of the most important artists working in LA today. His work touches on important social issues like police brutality, immigration, and gentrification. He’s best known for his beautiful oil paintings, impressive ceramics, and poignant neon signage. America is for Dreamers will showcase examples of his latest explorations in these media, and more. More info here.


7:18 is a new mixtape by DJs MICK and Chi Duly, which pairs lyrics/verses by rapper Jay-Z with beats by DJ/Producer DJ Premier. The album we’ve all wanted to hear forever, basically. It’s good. Stream or download it here.