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The Divider

Over the last year or so I’ve come to appreciate the creative talent of Shing02, well beyond the bilingual rhyme skills he’s best known for. In my recent interview with him for Imprint Culture Lab we talked about his fine art and videography work, and it was during that time while here in LA that he wrote this short film he also directed. Enjoy.

Title Sequence

The Koreatown Oddity is nothing if not unusual. He’s perhaps best known for rocking a wolf mask and repping the section of LA in his name. I first heard about him at my go-to music blog Passion of the Weiss. “Blessings just drop from above like Tetris blocks.”

Take It Easy II

There’s a follow-up event to the Benjie Escobar Take It Easy exhibition opening that happened at HutchLA a couple of weeks back going down today. More art & more tattoos. HutchLA is at 4169 Verdugo Road, LA CA 90065.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 11.17.53 AM


POW! WOW! have just announced they will be partnering with SXSW and SprATX to create murals around Austin, Texas,...

Fresh Cheeses

Brooklyn’s own Biggie Smalls was tragically killed 18 years ago today, in front of The Petersen Automotive Museum here in Los Angeles. With that in mind, here’s a great mix of soul & funk breaks which were sampled in his songs by DJ Royale. Via Egotripland.

Concrete Jungle

Artist Kevin Lyons has recently teamed up with Casio for a G-Shock collaboration, curated by Arkitip. This is the bluetooth enabled GB-5600, which you can set up to notify you of incoming calls and emails and whatnot. I’ve got one (a regular, black non-Kevin Lyons one) and I love it. Comes with a large format Kevin Lyons newspaper too.