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The Last Shall Be First

Here’s some nicely shot and well-deserved video content on Andrew Chen, founder of clothing label 3sixteen, via cognac brand Courvoisier. Andrew, Johan, and crew, have consistently been making top-notch clothing for well over a decade now – an impressive feat in of itself. They are particularly well-known for their excellent denim, as showcased here.

Serious Time

The Serous Time LP from Mungo’s Hi Fi, a well-respected Scottish reggae sound system (yes, you read that right) has been in heavy rotation for me. This “Serious Time” single is on one of my favorite riddims of theirs, and YT does it justice with the conscious lyrics. “Looks like it’s getting rougher every day out deh.” Serious time, indeed.

Hell Ya

The talented Benjie Escobar has an art show in Downtown Ontario this evening, at Emporia Brewing Co, from 6-10pm. So that’s great art, and great beer, happening at the same time, in the same place. ‘Nuff said.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.50.34 PM


A fascinating article from Mic about the rise of the “Lumbersexual” trend and what it means about men in (American) society. I first noticed the rise of the lumberjack look at an Agenda trade show maybe two-three years back, and I just figured it was the return of another classic style. To be fair, I also dig plaid shirts and wool beanies and I’m not into shaving either. I’m just interested to see if everyone who dresses exactly like an old-timey lumberjack eventually goes and learns how to chop down a tree, or if they hop on the next trend in 6 months.


California Inspires Me

I’m a huge fan of the work of Jack Black, which hardly makes me unique. I’d struggle to think of a production he’s in which I didn’t enjoy tremendously. I met him in person briefly, once, years ago, at a gallery opening in Culver City. He spent about 5 minutes entertaining my then-infant daughter, much to everyone’s enjoyment. She was in one of those Baby Bjorn type things so he was aiming his performance at my torso, weirdly. He was every bit as funny in real life as on the big screen, which I thought was nice. It’s not as cool as Jeff Hamada’s Jack Black story, maybe, but that’s life.

Shop: Jeff Hamada “Money” Print

These great little “2 GET MONEY 4 GET MONEY” one-color risograph prints were given to attendees of the Imprint Presents Jeff Hamada talk here in LA last year. I got Jeff’s permission to offer the remainder here. He doesn’t usually make or sell products so these are something of an exclusive/rarity!



Last week, talented photographer/architect Brandon Shigeta shot me in my old Jordan 1’s for this #OnFeet feature on fashion news outlet and online retailer Hypebeast. Seeing your feet online is kind of fun, and I figured that was the end of that. Yesterday more photos appeared in this Streetsnaps feature. I was just supporting my former employer Jeffstaple – the shirt is a collaboration between his clothing label Staple Pigeon and gifted artist Naturel.



Check out some Badbadnotgood for your Sunday listening. Often described as a jazz trio, the Toronto-based group are possibly best known for their interpretations of hip-hop jams. BBNG are signed to LA’s great Innovative Leisure label whose founder, Jamie Strong, I interviewed for Imprint Culture Lab a couple years back. This is the full stream of their 2014 LP Ill.