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I Like Patches

We’ve just released our very first embroidered patch for Selector – with this reggae-inspired flip of the #TLOP artwork, paying tribute to dub legend & melodica master Augustus Pablo. It’s 3″ and it’s iron on.



I was lucky enough to meet talented young Malaysian artist Cloakwork in Taiwan last year, during POW! WOW! TAIWAN. He had flown out to help with the event, and ended up doing quite a lot of painting with some of the participating artists. Over the course of the event we all got to see quite a lot of his graffiti-inspired and illustrative work, which is really very good. I was pleasantly surprised to see his work was featured on Hypebeast recently. Follow him on Instagram for more.



A lot of creative powerhouses I’ve met through POW! WOW! mural festivals are currently hard at work in Cleveland for the InterUrban project, which aims to “create an experience that connects public transit riders physically, socially, and culturally.” The project is being headed up by Cleveland-based LAND studio. You can follow along via the LAND studio Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as by searching for the #InterUrban hashtag. Photo by Brandon Shigeta.