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TSOTW: Inca-Tú

T-Shirt of the Week award goes to this new joint from the creative homie Reef Kills which is freshly available over at Hutch LA. Reef deftly illustrates the face of rapper Tupac Shakur, in an Inca-inspired style (based on Tupac’s name being a reference to a famous Incan ruler’s name).


Money Shot

US currency might be one of most heavily traded currencies in the world, but if you travel you’ll discover a lot of other countries have much cooler currency from a design standpoint. Australian money looks like it’s from the future, each note design for each dollar value looks totally different, and you can swim with it in your pocket. Check out the new Australian $5 note. Via Fast Co.Design.

Stand Up Guy

I don’t really watch or follow sports so this is a bit outside my regular area of interest, but the fact of the matter is you can’t go two feet without seeing or hearing about NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who famously refused to stand during the national anthem at a game recently, stating he couldn’t stand for a country that doesn’t provide justice for people of color. Needless to say, people are up in arms about his statement and his actions (or lack there of). A couple thoughts from a humble documented immigrant:

1. Police brutality seems to be a nationwide problem and race relations in the United States are pretty miserable too; maybe more people should address these issues publicly.
2. It’s appropriate for people in positions of success and leadership to use their platforms to address major social issues. Muhammad Ali did so. Ditto Kanye West speaking out about George Bush.
3. My gut feeling is that this will impact his career positively in the long run. I really hope so. I probably would have never heard of Kaepernick if it wasn’t for this story.
4. If you are offended maybe you should ask yourself what it is about equality that upsets you so much.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale

Gun Clap Hero

New HEK! As an added bonus, the song addresses gun violence and police brutality – a major issue across the United States. Via Bandcamp.

Skull Rebel

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Los Angeles-based brand DRTY, who have an impressive range of pins, patches, hats, tees, and more, on this new Skull Rebel pin for the Selector project. Super stoked on how it came out! Free shipping in the US.

Skull Rebel Ig