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The Redux

It’s no secret that I’m a giant, giant fan of hip-hop producer Prince Paul. His work with De La, Gravediggaz, Dan the Automator, etal, is all incredible to me. Check out The Redux, an hour-long mix, rich with vocal samples, funky soul loops, and some of the best lyricists around: MC Breeze, Jean Grae, Planet Asia, Beatnuts, the RZA, Chubb Rock (!), Kardinal Official, MF Doom, J Zone, and more. Available as a free download for a limited time.

You Know What Time Is It

The sophomore album from West Coast rap group Pharcyde, Labcabincalifornia, turns 22 today. Most people seem to prefer their debut release but this is definitely my favorite Pharcyde album. Songs like “Drop” and “Runnin'” have been some of my favorite hip-hop tracks since the mid-’90s, and they still sound amazing to me.

30 Second Selfie Rule

I love this story from Dezeen – The Broad imposes 30-second “selfie rule” at Yayoi Kusama exhibition. I sort of loathe selfies, personally, but it’s the worst when people take them in front of artworks you’d like to see. I don’t believe the paintings were intended to be background imagery for portraits, and I think you kind of completely miss the point when you turn away from the artwork to document your own face too. Waiting for folks to hurry up and finish their narcissism so you can finally view the artwork in quest is extra tedious too. I’m getting old, obviously. On the other hand, I suppose that peoples’ need to take selfies in front of famous artwork at least helps to get more bodies into art galleries, which is arguably a win for everyone?

TSOTW: Outernational

This week’s T-Shirt Of The Week is this outdoorsy graphic tee from Selector, now available on black. I didn’t think it would work well on black, an enthusiastic customer really pushed for it, and it ended up looking really great. Teamwork.


I didn’t expect to enjoy the newish Discovery series Manhunt nearly as much as I am. Australian actor Sam Worthington plays the FBI agent who eventually takes down Ted Kaczynski, a/k/a the Unabomber. It’s quite a nuanced thriller, perhaps vaguely reminiscent of Tomas Alfredson’s Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, starring Gary Oldman. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

TSOTW: L.A. Taco

The Dodgers are doing really well this season, which means we get a million new Dodgers tees, in celebration. This one really stands out from the crowd – artwork by my friend Benjie Escobar. Available at Hutch, who have a great series of Dodgers-inspired T-shaped heat right now.

Electronic Type

I really like this alphabet by Vinicius AraĆ¹jo, a/k/a VA Designer. Each letter is constructed with elements from an iconic piece of electronics design, such as this T, inspired by a Technics turntable. Via Fubiz.