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Here’s an interesting Bloomberg article about email sign-off etiquette, recently tweeted by Imprint speaker/design guru John Maeda. As a repeat offender of this mistake, I found it interesting. It’s all irrelevant if you’re one of those “email is dead!” types, anyway.



Tropicoso is the title track off the first full-length LP from LA-based Afro/Latin funk group Jungle Fire. They were formed by talented studio musicians as a one-time thing, but the reception was so good they decided to continue their awesome blend of sounds. Been listening to this LP a lot lately.


If you’re a fan of talented Chigaco emcee Chance the Rapper you’ve probably been looking forward to this Surf mixtape from his new project Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. Well, it’s out now. I got mines via Datpiff.

00 - Donnie_Trumpet_The_Social_Experiment_Surf-front-large


This Sunday, the “largest car-free open streets event in America” (aka CicLAvia) is going to Pasadena for the very first time. It’s set for 9am-4pm, May 31st. Check the map below and there’s more info here. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a CicLAvia event, I heard they’re getting really crowded, but I definitely believe in what they stand for – having a car-free or car-lite day.


B.I.B Mr. Markee Stickers

The homie Allister Lee just sent over these great new sticker packs he’s produced with Eggshell stickers for his great Black Is Beautiful brand, which is dedicated to collecting, documenting, and celebrating black markers. The blank stickers come in a 10-pack with a postcard and they feature chrome finish. Available now through his Shop A.B.C online store.


Save Music in Chinatown 6

My fellow Imprint-er Martin Wong and his wife Wendy Lau have done amazing work fundraising for their daughter’s school’s music education program by organizing a special series of concerts. I’ve been to most of them so far and they’ve all been awesome – family-friendly, matinee shows, with talented musicians. Save Music In Chinatown 6 features Dengue Fever and some cool psyche rock and noise punk bands – all the way from Beijing.


Answer To Your Name

The latest from Jamaican artist Protoje, one of the biggest names in reggae right now. Inspired by early Ska, it even features a Prince Buster lyric sample in the hook. Fun!