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Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch


I’ve been enjoying this 2010 novel from Richard Hine lately. Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch is about a middle-manager in the dying newsprint industry, watching the business crumble, while navigating the challenges of corporate America. [Read More]

The Shimmey Roll

The second installment of hip-hop-meets-hard-bop from the impressive Byrd Over Staten project by SHAOLIN JAZZ is here. This one features the animated ODB rhyming over a jazz tune from Byrd’s Slow Drag album.

TSOTW: Third Eye

This week’s T-shirt of the week is definitely this beauty from my friends at San Diego-based sunglasses powerhouse Knockaround. I love the small graphic at the front left but it’s the back where this shirt really shines – “Look at the bright side.”


Erik Otto – Vision


I think in the midst of summer and POW! WOW! Long Beach madness, I somehow missed this great new print from artist Erik Otto (interviewed). It’s a 16 x 20 inch, 4-color wood-cut and letter press print, with blind emboss on printmaking paper and it looks absolutely incredible. Available here. [See More]

Let It Happen

I absolutely loved the last Tame Impala LP Lonerism. Their latest full length, Currents, is still growing on me. It’s got less of the psyche rock guitar fuzz sound, and a slightly more polished electro synth rock vibe instead. I believe “Let It Happen” is the lead single, and the first video off this latest release from the Australian group.