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Poor Traits

French designer Jean Jullien opens his first US solo exhibition tonight at LA’s own HVW8 Gallery this evening. More...


The good people behind POW! WOW! recently teamed up with giant music/film/tech festival SXSW for some joint murals in...

Shop: Stay Fresh

I’m very pleased to share that we’ve just added several great air freshener designs from LA’s own Stay Fresh to the web store. We’ve got a Cali-shaped one, one by artist Chaz Bojorquez, and the TSL Spray Can too. Check them out here.


The Divider

Over the last year or so I’ve come to appreciate the creative talent of Shing02, well beyond the bilingual rhyme skills he’s best known for. In my recent interview with him for Imprint Culture Lab we talked about his fine art and videography work, and it was during that time while here in LA that he wrote this short film he also directed. Enjoy.