Paging Darrin Hudson

This is jeffstaple’s blog. He’s the mastermind behind the Staple clothing brand, not to mention a very capable and accomplished graphic design studio, and also The Reed Space, a popular lifestyle boutique in the Lower East Side. If I hadn’t come to know Jeff thru playing weekly pickup basketball games in Chinatown almost a decade ago, I may not have ended up “working” in the “industry.” So basically, it’s his fault that I don’t have health insurance! The blog is named after a high school classmate who was into sneakers as much as he was, and originally started out as his site for documenting and taking offers on some of his massive sneaker collection. It has sort of morphed into a personal blog with travel pics, photos of other creative types, new electronic gizmos, other stuff he’s into, and sneak peeks of new Staple product.

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