Post-Apocalypse Now

Here are two very different post-apocalyptic novels I’ve read recently. In spite of sounding like a Futurama episode, Daniel H. Wilson’s Robopocalypse, is a gripping account of the collapse of modern civilization, at the hands of one very angry computer program. For lack of better literary comparisons, it’s something of an action flick; all one-liners and heroics and somewhat unexpected explosions.

robopocalypse, daniel, wilson, robot, artificial intelligence, novel

Strictly speaking, The Age of Miracles, by Karen Thompson Walker, is apocalyptic, as opposed to post-apocalyptic. It describes life in Southern California, as the globe’s spin inexplicably slows down, day after day. Plant and animal life is thrown into disarray, and society buckles under the strain of ever-lengthening days. This depressing disaster forms an unreal backdrop, while the narrator also has to navigate the normal challenges of being an adolescent.

the age of miracles, karen thompson walker, novel, world, globe, post-apocalyptic

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