Prigus Sport Australia

Long Beach-based artist Jeff McMillan, who I was lucky enough to work with during POW! WOW! Long Beach earlier this year, is currently off in Australia touring his current exhibition Prigus Sport Australia in conjunction with RVCA. It opens this Friday night in Melbourne at the RVCA Corner Gallery, then it’s off to Sydney and then up to Byron Bay. The exhibition provides an overview of McMillan’s fascinating Prigus Sport universe – the game, the mascots, the cities, the rules, the teams, the history etc. Since I have Australian roots, I really dig that he created six new professional Prigus teams and 5 minor league divisions based on Australian towns and mascots. If you’d like to learn more about Jeff’s work, check out my recent interview with him for Imprint Culture Lab.

North Frementle Dingoes

Melbourne Wombats

Possum Shoots Reds

Prigus Sport OZ League

Australia_Prigus Sport Tour 2015

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