Property Rights

I’ve just finished two entertaining fiction novels, both of which dealt with intellectual property and the repercussions of runaway record label lawyers. Pirate Cinema, by Cory Doctorow, creates a totalitarian landscape, where record label execs have poor kids put away for life, and take the internet away from entire families, in order to put a stop to the scourge of piracy. The novel cleverly deals with the way this hinders the kind of creativity which brought us hip-hop, and more recently, the Grey Album. In Year Zero, by Rob Reid, the very same overzealous and litigious record labels merely threaten the very existence of our little planet. Earth’s archaic copyright laws mean the universe owes us more in royalties than they’ve got, which makes snuffing us out pretty inviting. It’s quite a funny novel, arguably demonstrating Douglas Adams levels of silliness. This infographic from Likelihood of Confusion looks at the IP debate today, and details the main differences between the two current Presidential candidates when it comes to this topic.

likelihoodofconfusion, infographic, intellectual property

year zero, rob reid, intellectual property, novel, fiction

pirate cinema, cory doctorow, novel, fiction, intellectual property


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