Quoddy Quoddy 2 Shoes

I thought 3sixteen was one of the clear highlights at the last round of Vegas fashion trade shows – Magic, Pool, Project and the peripheral ones. One of the things that is very interesting about 3s, is that they’re clearly transitioning out of quote-unquote streetwear, and on to something a lot more stylish, subdued, and sophisticated. I’m really impressed with their direction, and I think they are very likely trail blazing a new path for this corner of the market. In their Fall collection, which includes outstanding new button-up shirts, vests, and even ties, there was one particular highlight at their booth, and that was these shoes, the Deck Chukkas. To get the job done, 3s teamed up with Quoddy Trail, a small, quality shoe company from Maine, which makes their own shoes in-house (not in a sweatshop!) and are three generations strong to boot. They’re available in black and navy:


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