Shaolin Jazz Movie Poster Design Contest

The SHAOLIN JAZZ Movie Poster Design Contest, an extension of the SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber music project (an artful fusion of jazz instrumentals and hip-hop acappellas) is a month long competition (Wednesday September 16th – Wednesday October 15th), whereby participants can submit designs that interpret SHAOLIN JAZZ – The 37th Chamber as a Kung-Fu movie. The movie poster contest takes further cues from their monthly event series entitled CAN I KICK IT? where they screen two classic Kung-Fu movies while clever blends of classic hip-hop, funk, and soul music are played by SHAOLIN JAZZ co-founder DJ 2-Tone Jones. The winner, who’ll be announced on Tuesday October 21st, will receive an exclusive prize package that includes an official copy of The 37th Chamber Mixtape, two (2) SHAOLIN JAZZ Apparel items of your choice, and footwear from a surprise brand. You can submit up to two images to


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