Signs of the times

The other day I rode my bike from sunny Venice to the Foreign Family office in Koreatown (about 23 miles round trip, thanks for asking). I snapped some of the hand painted signs that caught my eye along the way.

From 6 lanes of traffic and one divider away, it looked like a rival had gone over this sign, but it turned out to be an illustration of a hose! There’s even water spraying out of it. I think that’s a bit too detailed for a sign…but I dig the way you couldn’t possibly mistake this for anything other than a hand painted sign.


Next I spotted this rooftopper’s sign. And I thought the streetwear game was a cutthroat business! You know you’re in LA when there are little pieces of dead palm tree caught in the barbed wire…


Then I spotted this beauty. Spiritual Advisor – known in some circles as a palm reader. I seriously had to wonder if Our Lady of Guadalupe would have given this her blessing.


And last but not least, West Coast Paint & Body – not to be confused with the guys who used to hang out with Xzibit. It’s a little too crisp for me – I like the Culver Auto Detail style where you can really see someone did it by hand – but what’s more LA than this though? That was supposed to be a rhetorical question…

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