Stick & move, stick & move…

This might be a somewhat pointless ramble about things I liked in high school, and still like. Such as stickers. Stickers are good. I’m pretty serious about my sticker collection. I’ve got a big folder and a shoebox full of stickers from the last 15 years or so. My prize sticker is a giant 12″ Wu-Tang logo sticker from about 1995, which I got in Japan, I think. Anyway, when we walked the MAGIC trade show last week, MR44 introduced me to DJ 2 High. I was kinda floored when I found out he did the album cover artwork for Snoop Dogg’s seminal (sorry) Doggystyle LP. As you can see, he reps DPG Japan and the City of Long Beach to the fullest:

Aside from running his own clothing label Blueline, and DJing for the Dogg Pound Gang, he’s also working with Conart. Remember Conart? It was one of the first real “street” brands I remember seeing when I was in high school. It disappeared for a while, but now they’ve made a comeback. 2 High gave me this massive die-cut Biggie sticker which is sick:

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