T-Files 002: Mike Dytri

Mike has been an accomplished and trend-setting creative director in the cutting-edge corner of the streetwear game since as long as I’ve been involved in it, starting as an intern almost a decade ago. He’s one of the unsung pioneers of the game. Those who remember his first solo endeavor SBFK aka Subfreakie can attest to his taste-making prowess, and now he’s at the helm of a very impressive and relatively new brand, Ludwig, among other things. Scroll down to hear the latest from Mighty Mike D…

Where are you today? Today I’m here at my workspace sorting out Fall and Summer lineplan, and working on graphics.

What are you working on lately? I just came back from Hong Kong doing a press-check on a 285pg book that I produced for Matix clothing, it was a year-long project indeed. Now I have to do a t-shirt graphic for Miles Davis’ 50 year anniversary for the release of “Kind Of Blue”…i am really happy to get to work with his estate, I also have to focus on LUDWIG’s upcoming season.

Tell us about your favorite recent design. My favorite recent design is called the “Rucker”. It’s a military style jacket fabricated in light weight nylon, and lined with pinstripe shirting.

What about the best thing you’ve seen from another brand/designer lately? The coolest brand I have seen lately is Ransom.

Where have you been finding inspiration these days? Miles Davis.

Is anything slowing down your productivity lately? Yes of course. I have a severe case of ADD, but I try to manage that by training at the gym.

Why does streetwear suck/rule in ‘08? Whatever that term is, I think a lot of creativity will come out of these hard times.

Anything else you’d like to rant about/speak on? Yeah, dudes should ditch the scarves. It is only appropriate when the weather permits. It is definitely not like rocking a new pair of kicks, or a nice watch, or a cap…

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