T-Files 003: MR44

MR44 is the Art Director at LA’s Foreign Family, and as I’ve said again and again, he’s one of the most talented people I know. He does the majority of his work by hand with marker on paper, which I think is great, and some of his graphics have been among the all time best-selling designs on Digital Gravel too. He took the time out from designing his next masterpiece (and laying out a book, by the sound of things) to answer a few quick questions about what he’s up to lately.

Where are you today? I am in Korea Town, Los Angeles

What have you been working on? I’m working on my illustration book. It’s coming out sick!

What’s your favorite recent work? My favorite recent design would be our Tokyo Nights t-shirt which came out this season for our 3M line. I like how you can see the Ginza neon lights in the background with a nice funk-style lettering of “Tokyo” in the air. 

Anything good you’ve seen from another brand/designer lately? I like the Adidas Y-3 collection designed by Yohji Yamamoto. Clean styles.

Where have you been finding inspiration? Inspiration these days definitely comes from my graffiti roots. There is so much energy on the streets! 

Is anything slowing down your productivity lately? Mmmmm… nothing really, I think I’ve been moving at my own pace, even with Foreign Family, we create at our pace which we are comfortable at. 

Why does streetwear suck/rule in ’08? Streetwear only sucks in the US. Over here it’s only a trend and Americans get tired of it.  Streetwear lives and breathes in Europe and Asia, that’s the place to be! 

Anything else you’d like to rant about/speak on? Don’t let work get the best of you, there’s life and beauty outside of the box! Thanks for letting me do this interview! Big ups to Typo-graphical! Peace, 44

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